6 Jul 2010

Project: Simplicity 1683

Simplicity 1683

I'm trying to make view 2 (the green one), I've cut almost everything.

And there's no collar piece! Nooooooo!


  1. ugh! how frustrating!!! Do you have a collar piece from another pattern that might work?

  2. uh-oh. looking forward to a progress report, i'm sure you'll manage something!

  3. I find that you can often substitute a collar from another pattern by the same company - do you have any patterns from that company with the same style collar? Try to match them to the paper pattern and see if it seems they will line up and work.

  4. I've decided to ignore the collar problem for the time being and focus on getting the pleating right. I thought about stealing a collar from another pattern but I'm not sure that'll work due to the construction of the shirt front. I'll 'splain properly in a catch up post soon ....


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