5 Jul 2010

Project: Simplicity 1683

Whilst I hem and haw* over what to do about my poor 1940's style shorts I decided to move on to something else. Yes, I think I've officially been bitten by the sewing bug!

Simplicity 1683

Simplicity 1683 is probably yet another dress that won't suit me. But, do you know what? Not only do I not care, I've also not actually made one of these yet to be sure!

I'm going to use the navy blue polycotton I originally bought for the playsuit and am going to use a couple of indigo blue type flat sheets (that just barely don't match) for the playsuit as I'd rather this dress were a more 'grown up' colour and suitable for work and, y'know, didn't have any colour mismatches to embarrass me!

This is fun!

* sorry, I've got Seven Brides For Seven Brothers [1954] on and it affects my vocabulary

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