12 Jul 2010

Project: 20 Min Skirt

Today I took a small break from the vintage sewing and the sheer amount of pleats necessary for Simplicity 1683 for 30 mins or so to make up a skirt based on the Twenty Minute Simple Skirt Tutorial from Kathleen at Grosgrain. It took me an extra ten minutes because it started out life as this:

This is a dress I started but decided not to finish a couple of years back when I first started sewing my own clothes solo. It's Simplicity 3739 but I quickly discovered the neckline didn't suit me and decided not to bother hemming or inserting the zip as I'd never actually wear it. However, the fabric I absolutely adored and have been wanting to refashion for aaaages.

Discovering Kathleen's quick tutorial I thought I'd give my dress to skirt thing a try. And ended up with this. Could I look more Granny?

This is more my fault than Kathleen's, I forgot that the original pattern called for an A line skirt and whereas Kathleen's tutorial shows how to create the skirt without hemming I needed to do something about the fraying edges so just turned, turned again and top stitched down. This resulted in quite an unbendy hemline which added to the problem.

I think (other than I have camera loving pets) that the elasticated waist is not a look I can pull off due to the bulk it adds to my mid section that has enough undefinition on its own without adding to it. I should probably have hemmed after sewing in the elastic to ensure I got the correct hem length (about an inch or so shorter that it actually is) and I should probably have gone for the tutorial on Ruffles and Roses instead. But hey, that's 20/20 hindsight for you!

I should apologise for the tea stain on my vest, the wolf decided to join me on the couch as I was taking a sip and there's barely enough room for us both on a normal day. And more apologies for the crazy scientist look I seem to have going on, I'm not sure where that came from but have a sneaky suspicion I look like it more often than I realise.

And now I'm off to attempt pleating. Lots and lots and lots of pleating! 

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