2 Sep 2010

Blog Award

Wow, I'm prolific today, talk about binge blogging! The lovely Susannah of Cargo Cult Craft has given me my first ever award. Thank you, you made my day!

I'm supposed to tell you ten things you probably don't know about me so:

1. If you google me I am actually the person that comes up in the top results and even in google images.

2. I'm not actually Welsh. I was born and raised in England and moved to Wales at the end 2006 on the strength of a one month contract to work for the BBC. I am, however, apparently Welsh enough to play for the Welsh Rugby team ... if they ever needed a half pint wuss on their side.

3. I lived in New Zealand and Australia for a total of two years after failing college in London. Wales is very much like NZ.

4. My claim to fame prior to working for the BBC was that I'd been at the cast and crew screening of the Empire Strikes Back and met the entire cast. Unfortunately I was about 4 years old and only remember a sparkly orange ceiling and a chandelier.

5. My claim to fame since working for the BBC is my work on Doctor Who Confidential, Torchwood Declassified, the Merlin DVD extras and various other one offs (hence why I'm google-able). In fact, check out the Series Three box set of Doctor Who during David Tennant's video diaries, I'm in the background towards the end, bundled up in a huge sheepskin and a hat talking to one of my crew (forgive me, I still find this hysterical).

6. I sound so much like my mother that there are times even my step-dad can't tell us apart.

7. I want to be a writer and as a result day dream a lot. I have a filing cabinet full of story ideas but no confidence to write them. I prefer to be shown how to do something before doing it and that doesn't work so well when it comes to writing.

8. I am a huge sci-fi geek and was raised on Star Trek (ironically not Doctor Who), I've attended many sci-fi conventions (pre-BBC days), I've even worn costumes ... no, actually, that last bit's not true at all.

9. I am very very messy. I'm currently trying to learn to put things away after I use them but I get the feeling I'm fighting a losing battle (particularly if my bedroom's anything to go by).

10. I (try not to) cry over music, soppy films (I adore rom coms), vintage war planes, people pulling over to get out the way of emergency vehicles when in small villages, true films and documentaries, my nephew being gorgeous. Thankfully I manage on everything except the first three.

In turn, I nominate:
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Have at it girls!

Thanks for stopping by,


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