2 Sep 2010

Project: Style Print 1421 { Notes Pt II }

Firstly, apologies for my absence. I started a new job and combined with my current Merlin obsession I'm having trouble fitting in anything else at the moment.

I wore my Style Print 1421 shirt in white polycotton, my first ever homemade item of clothing from a vintage pattern. You can't really see it in this photo (sorry, the only full length mirror I currently have access to is in the work bathrooms) as my little cardi covers it up (due mostly to the fact that I've yet to sew buttons on the cuffs and it was the only way to stop the sleeves from flailing about like mad things) but I promise you it's the same shirt.

Problems that have come to light after wearing this shirt for the day is that 1950's shirts were short. Seriously, how did anyone not flash their bellies whilst wearing these? Every time I reached up I'd pop out the front, every time I bent down I'd pop out the back. I'll definitely be adding a couple of inches to the bottom of this pattern the next time I make it because I can't be going around with bits of me hanging out, it's just not dignified!

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  1. Ha! I had the same problem on day one of SSS - the amazing hem-popping blouse! Luckily it was cold enough to wear a cardigan and jacket on top, but I have definitely learned a lesson!

  2. Was it a 50's pattern too? I made the mistake of wearing a short cardi which gave no coverage whatsoever to the popped bits, very embarrassing! I've definitely learnt my lesson too!


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