15 Sep 2010

Last of the Summer Wine

For those of you not in the UK or too young to remember, the title is a reference to my baggy socks. Last of the Summer Wine was an old comedy set in Yorkshire about a bunch of blokes in the Autumn of their years.

Compo, a scruffy no good hormone riddled skiver, was completely in lust with tea shop owner, Nora Batty. She of the hair curlers and wrinkled stockings.

I'm really getting behind wearing long socks to work, unfortunately today they turned out to be a bit Nora Batty which garnered some strange looks I have to admit. But so long as I remained toasty and warm I really didn't care. Besides, I was sat behind a desk for most of the day so no one really had to notice.

There's just something so lovely about a long knitted cardi and woollen socksies (although not actual wool as I'm slightly allergic), particularly in an office where the air conditioning comes from the labs downstairs and no amount of fiddling with the thermostat will change the temperature to something a little more ... erm, temperate. 

Once again this is an empire waisted dress, I'm really preferring the style and feel more confident about wearing these types of dresses.

It's a lovely dark blue with a grey diamond pattern, it goes nicely with my large grey cardigan (and green wellies on those days when I'm tramping around with the wolf and it's too nice for jeans) and is made from a wonderfully soft jersey that clings in nice places and swirls prettily in all the others.

Dress: La Redoute
Cardigan: La Redoute
Socks: No idea!
Shoes: Blue T-Bar Hush Puppies

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  1. I love those slouchy stockings! :D
    And I'm dying over those shoes-- I need them!!
    Your dog is so cute!

  2. Thank you!

    I love those shoes so much I bought a pair in tan. They have the most comfortable soles ever and my feet are happy to wear them all day and all night if necessary, I highly recommend them! I picked up mine from Amazon, gotta love that free P&P.

    For a dog that until about 2 months ago hid from cameras I now can't take a photo that he's not in in some way, he's growing up to be such a tart! ;)

  3. Love your Blog! And the socks! Reading back I had to congratulate you on your nerding out about planes - my current claim to fame is that I can tell the difference between an Me 109 and a Hurricane. Sadly that rarely wins me cool points in the pub but I thought you might be impressed ;). And re. your red lippie, I get what you mean about it feeling weird, but other people don't think it's as odd as you will, and it does look very stylish for very little effort! If you've not already found your shade, I seriously recommend MAC. You can find them in the Capitol Centre or Debenhams in Cardiff. The staff are all trained makeup artists and will pick you out the best shade, plus, with a bit of lipcote (I cannot emphasise how amazing that stuff is) it'll stay on till lunchtime at least. I am in love with MAC products, even though they're pricey.

  4. Thank you Lauren :)

    Wow, that definitely wins cool points from me, I'm totally impressed (and a little jealous, my level of plane nerding is nowhere near as good!)

    I actually have a shopping trip planned into Cardiff to visit Mac in Debenhams this weekend, I just can't give up so easily. I hadn't thought of the lipcote stuff, good point, I'll pick me a bottle of that up whilst I'm there. Thanks for the tips!


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