3 Sep 2010

Project: Butterick 3134

Photo taken by the lovely Alison who kindly said that if the rest of the clothes I want photographing were the underwear I'd mentioned I was going to be sewing at some point then someone else could photograph those. Never fear, I doubt I will ever photograph myself in my unmentionables let alone post those sort of photographs on the interweb.

The skirt I'm wearing was a joint/ learning project with my Mum whipped up one Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. I haven't yet blogged about it (and probably won't now) because I'm lazy addicted to Colin and Bradley.

Please excuse the lack of shoes, I have a hard time keeping the damn things on.

The pattern is Butterick 3134, a six panelled A-Line skirt. We bought the size too small, compensated by adding half inch or thereabouts to the seam allowances, measured the pattern, re-measured me and the damn thing was still 6 inches too big once fully constructed. We ended up adding 2 extra seams down the middle panels in order to make it fit properly.

On the plus side, the groovy waistband interfacing that was all ready to go, has a fold and a sewing line already in place and is easy to iron on was fabulous, top marks for whoever came up with that one, I'll be using that again ... and again and again!

We made it out of a knit (that frayed almost instantly!), my first knit ever. It's a charcoal grey with flecks of whites, creams and hints of purples and yellows. Sounds weird I know but actually looks okay. And that, to date, is the extent of my home sewing!

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