7 Sep 2010

Project: Day Bag

I have lost my sewing enthusiasm for a bit after the tragedy of the Long Oregon Rail Dress and probably won't be following my plan of frantic sewing in every spare moment. Frankly, I need to learn to strike a balance between important things like eating and my current obsession (whatever it may be) so I'm going to continue to fail miserably at the SSS challenge but will hopefully remember to eat more than a packet of crisps in the evening in return. Not quite a win but certainly a little healthier for me!

I never did get around to posting about the finished product but here it is (dumped next to the cooking oils on my kitchen work surface upon return from work last night, sorry about that).

I really really like this bag. It's made from a pattern from Tone Finnanger's book Sew Pretty Homestyle which is stuffed full of fabulous craft projects and I fully intend to make at least one of almost everything.

I got the fabric and handles from eBay and whipped this puppy up in less than a day. It also involved absolutely no seam ripping which is terribly unusual for me and made me very happy. The fabric rose on the front also comes from the same book, although I've yet to add the leaves to the pin.

I'm making another of these for my sister, a month late for her birthday (better than a year but I'm beginning to see a trend here!) and best friend, Jemma, has also requested one so it looks like I'll have a production line going shortly ... although it'll have to wait until after dinner. Obviously.

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  1. I adore that bag!!! It's so fun and cute and there's just nothing like a good polka dot print, is there? :)

  2. Isn't it fab?! I tend to take it with me everywhere, regardless of whether it goes with my outfit. And you're absolutely right, you can't beat a good polka dot!


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