22 Sep 2010

Road Trip ... Erm ... Bus/ Train Trip!

I've got the soundtrack to Glee all ready to go. I've booked my bus ticket to and my train ticket from London. I've picked out the book I'm taking with me ... sort of, because there's also this and I haven't even read this yet.

But I haven't a clue what to wear. Help!

This is the first time I've been back to London since my move to Wales in 2006. Well, I've been back a couple of times for meetings at the BBC that went more like, train, tube, meeting, tube, train. But I've not been back for pleasure for damn near 4 years.

The last time I was in London I had bad hair (believe it or not but it's actually better now), I wore baggy clothes (mostly from the menswear department) and no make-up. The people I'm going to see have seen me drunk, asleep, half naked*, wearing Liam's clothes, on the dance floor and in minus degree weather. Erm, not all at the same time.

So of course the order of the day is to look as svelte as possible when one has no waist, beautiful (obviously and nothing to do with the fact that one of the guys I'm having lunch with was a not so secret crush whilst at college), stylish and comfortable. If I'm going to be spending roughly six hours on public transport I want to do so comfortably.

I've narrowed it down to three outfits and this is where you come in. It's almost like one of those choose your own adventure books, except you don't get anything further out of it so maybe it's not at all. But I'd like your opinions on all three to help narrow down which one would be best suited for a day trip to London, lunch, drinks and a bit of shopping (and let's not forget public transport, it's going to be painful enough to warrant several mentions I think!).

Comfy flat boots (that still squeak a little, must dig out more hair conditioner to sort that!). Nora Batty socks, 3/4 jeans, white shirt and peacock blue cardi with brown belt. Comfy is the word. This is an outfit that wouldn't be out of place on me in the company I'm going to be hanging with, it's similar to what they're used to seeing on me just a little more my size.

Outfit Number Two! Latest eBay acquisition in a bluey-purple. I wasn't sure what shoes so I just randomly picked two. The reds are another latest eBay acquisition that arrived this morning (yay!).

Comfy dress and granddad top, Nora Batty socks and fave T-Bar shoes evah.

A note on the pose: this is my 'oh my god, what are you eating ... no, no, nono, not on the bed!
... damnit' look

Bonus Outfit! I threw this together as an after thought. Fave new jeans (yes, I slipped, I bought ready to wear) and an old shirt that's oh so comfy (but a little tight when sitting).

Oh, and hey! Look what I found!

Some shape to my body, who knew?! ;)

* I want to stress that this is not because I prance around half naked at any given opportunity despite what some people might recollect from a night at college involving cookies and a strange green plant. This was in fact down to a theme night and a bedroom filled with boys putting on my make-up far better than I ever could when I stumbled out of the shower in only a towel (as you do when you think your room is empty) and to be completely and utterly honest I don't think a single one of them noticed. Not sure what's more depressing ;)

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  1. Three, three! Loving the lippie by the way :)

  2. Outfit #2 with the red shoes is terrific! My very favourite is outfit #3. It's awesome and you look so happy in it. Wear that.

    Love the lipstick, too!

    Sarah :)

  3. Three's definitely winning then. Thanks girls!


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